On View March 11 - April 16, 2016
In conjunction with the FotoFest 2016 Biennial

Opening Reception
Friday,March 11, 2016
6:30 – 8:30 PM, Artist talks at 6 PM

Jeremiah Ariaz

Sandy Carson

David Politzer

Standpoints • Curated by Britt Thomas
Work by Jeremiah Ariaz, Sandy Carson & David Poltizer
John M. O'Quinn Gallery

Standpoints brings together the work of three lens-based artists who explore specific sub-cultures and events. Taken together, their work alludes to the diverse perspectives that exist in relation to a shared cultural experience. Jeremiah Ariaz’s photo series is set in Germany where “Indianer(s)” reenact Native American dress and customs to perform theatrical stage productions of American Western stories from German popular fiction writer Karl May. Sandy Carson explores the symbiotic relationship between rock concert fans, the bands, and the photographer at music festivals. David Politzer utilizes vacationers’ videos from the Grand Canyon to create a loose assemblage narrative video of various peoples’ initial reactions to seeing the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder in the United States.

Jeremiah Ariaz' website
Sandy Carson's website
David Politzer's website

All things are reflections of other things • Caroline Roberts
Cecily E. Horton Gallery

Caroline Roberts examines the ways in which the surface of the artwork can become a site, through scratches and other marks that are invisible until revealed by light. In All things are reflections of other things painting meets camera-less photography. Engaging with the history of the photogram, Roberts disrupts and manipulates the cyanotype process to create a range of layered marks to create painterly surfaces. The exhibition features works on paper and fabric that extend through the gallery to represent an immensity in a film-like narrative.

Caroline Robert's website

Gift Shop • Hillerbrand+Magsamen
Grace R. Cavnar Gallery

As artist, consumer and art historian, the collaborative team of Hillerbrand+Magsamen investigates photography as the defining medium of modernism through our consumer culture. Hillerbrand+Magsamen’s Gift Shop exhibition features consumer items and memorabilia from their Higher Ground project, which plays with a contemporary fairy tale of a suburban family flies off into space with a rocket ship built in their back yard from items scavenged from their home. Their imagery connects within larger systems including architecture, exhibition design, books, film and merchandising that examine consumer culture, material prosperity and family identity.

Hillerbrand+Magsamen's website

This exhibition is generously sponsored by Image 3D, Image Snap, Life Size Custom Cutouts, Paint Your Life, Shutterfly, Spoonflower and Stars & Stripes Flag Corp.

Vanishing Discotecas • Jeanette Joy Harris
Project Space

Vanishing Discotecas (Vanishing Nightclubs) is a photography and video installation that responds to ongoing economic development in East Downtown Houston. Harrisburg Avenue, where the photos were taken, has seen significant changes since the planning and construction of the light rail. The cultural clash between long-time residents and new commercial and residential owners can be seen as the architecture of the community changes.  The work portrays two distinct perspectives of the discotecas. Daytime photos illustrate the seemingly “seedy” character of the buildings as perceived by real estate developers while nighttime photos and videos show illuminated buildings inviting patrons from the surrounding neighborhood.

Jeanette Joy Harris' website

Also on view
through June 11, 2016

BioCity • The Expanded Environment
Ned Dodington, Christoph Ibele, Jon LaRocca & Haldre Rogers
Mary E. Bawden Sculpture Garden

BioCity is a cross-disciplinary, six-month-long performance-art-sculpture scheduled to begin at Lawndale Art Center in January of 2016. The project will involve the creation of numerous small-scale structures each one timed, designed and tuned to attract, interface, or illustrate indigenous and migratory life on the site. The project seeks not only to create a beautiful, quasi-natural urban landscape but to address the decline of biodiversity in urban areas.

Part art-sculpture, part habitat; part man-made and part animal-made - our intention is that this Bio-inclusive eco-performance-artwork will transgress, distort and alter anthropocentric world-views by delivering a message of eco-awareness, biodiversity and cross-species collaboration.

The Expanded Environment's website

Also on view
through January 2017

About ___ Rocks • Russell Etchen
North Exterior Wall

These rocks are you. 
This wall is your wall. 
These are your rocks. 

Like eyes from a page. 
Like eyes from a screen. 
Like eyes on the ground. 


Write your sentences. 
Do your time. 
Over and over.
Until you’ve learned your lesson.

Russell Etchen's website

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