On View January 22 - June 11, 2016

Opening Reception
Friday, January 22, 2016
6:30 - 8:30 PM, Artist talk at 6 PM

BioCity • The Expanded Environment
Ned Dodington, Christoph Ibele, Jon LaRocca & Haldre Rogers
Mary E. Bawden Sculpture Garden

BioCity is a cross-disciplinary, six-month-long performance-art-sculpture scheduled to begin at Lawndale Art Center in January of 2016. The project will involve the creation of numerous small-scale structures each one timed, designed and tuned to attract, interface, or illustrate indigenous and migratory life on the site. The project seeks not only to create a beautiful, quasi-natural urban landscape but to address the decline of biodiversity in urban areas.

Part art-sculpture, part habitat; part man-made and part animal-made - our intention is that this Bio-inclusive eco-performance-artwork will transgress, distort and alter anthropocentric world-views by delivering a message of eco-awareness, biodiversity and cross-species collaboration.

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Ned Dodington, AIA is a licensed architect and designer working to develop new practices for biologically inclusive design.  He is the Founding Editor and Creative Director of The Expanded Environment, a web-based investigation into the performative role of design in ecology. His design research and writings have been published in Architectural Design Magazine, Brkt-On Farming, Brkt -Goes Soft, the ACSA 2013 “New Constellations/New Ecologies”, and Texas Architect Magazine as well as extensively online at expandedenvironment.org. In 2013 he was named one of six Emerging Leaders The Design Futures Council and in 2015 Houston's 40 under 40.

Christoph Ibele, Assoc AIA, LEED AP, received his Masters of Architecture degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 2009.  While at Harvard, he was selected to participate in the GSD/ETH exchange at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.  He was also the recipient of a GSD Community Service Fellowship, which he used to contribute to rebuilding efforts on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He currently practices architecture in Detroit.

Jon LaRocca, AIA, is a founding partner of The Expanded Environment. Jonathon LaRocca received his Masters of Architecture degree from Rice University in 2007. He completed his undergraduate education at Cornell University in 2003, earning a Bachelor of Science in Design & Environmental Analysis. He was a 2006 Margaret Everson Fossi Fellowship and 2007 Rice Design Alliance Initiatives for Houston Grant recipient, and spent time traveling to Australian urban farms for research as part of those awards. As a designer, he is committed to using a broad-based and diverse set of social science and design methodologies to understand how the planning, design, and management of the built environment affects individuals, groups, organizations, and communities, and how this knowledge can feed the imagination to generate innovative design solutions to pressing social and cultural issues. Through his work on sustainable design and development, he is also committed to examining and developing designs that contribute to the health of the environment as well as those inhabiting it.

Haldre Rogers is a community ecologist and conservation biologist. Her research is motivated by a desire to understand and effectively address environmental problems. She studies the impact of biodiversity loss on ecosystem services, with a focus on seed dispersal and food web dynamics in tropical forest ecosystems. Much of her research has taken place in the Mariana Islands with the Ecology of Bird Loss project. For the Expanded Environment she has acted as the biology consultant and assisted with the understanding of plant selection and species habitat design.

Additional support from:
Geoff Smith
Michael Gonzales

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