Watercolor Collage Workshop

Saturday, August 20, 2016
1 - 3PM
Free - Registration is required as space is limited

During this two-hour workshop led by Lawndale's Summer Interns, participants will learn the basic techniques of watercolor and create a collage art piece with their watercolors. We will cover eight watercolor techniques; wash, gradient wash, gradient color wash, wet on wet, drips with a brush, drips with a spray bottle, texturing with plastic wrap and texturing with salt. Each technique will be taught on a 3”x6” piece of watercolor paper which once dry will be cut up and assembled into a collage artwork of the participants' design. This workshop is accessible to an audience between ages 10 - 20 who want to experiment with watercolor. Admission to the workshop is free and supplies will be provided though if you have your own watercolors feel free to bring them!

Registration is required as space is limited. Sign up here!


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