On View November 22, 2013 - January 11, 2014

Opening Reception
Friday, November 22, 2013
6:30 – 8:30 PM, Artist talks at 6 PM

Superficial Outgrowths • Sang-Mi Yoo
John M. O'Quinn Gallery

Superficial Outgrowths by Sang-Mi Yoo focuses on the ideal home through prints, laser cut wool felt and their three-dimensional conversions. The reality of finding ideal home and ideal body residing within such environments is explored through American norms. Her work is based on her childhood memories from Korea and everyday encounters of standardized residential buildings, including her West Texas living experience. Like an animal’s camouflage, this homogeneity provided her with a means to blend into her neighborhood. Her installations of large-format prints and laser cuts are based upon patterns created from cookie-cutter homes found in Lubbock, Houston and other global locations. She also adds wearable forms created from these prints by collaborating with an apparel designer, Su-Jeong Shin. The rows of houses and floorplans become abstract constructs that are subject to gravity and shadow play surrounding the materials, questioning whether the ideal home is a tangible subject or an illusion.

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Sang-Mi Yoo's website

Nerve Endings • Regina Agu
Cecily E. Horton Gallery

Regina Agu’s recent work focuses on intersections of collective and personal history and the role they dictate for the physical body. She seeks out and explores hidden and forgotten histories through works on paper, installation and performance. For her exhibition at Lawndale Art Center, Agu looks to forms of self-representation (portraiture, adornment and personal objects) and the layered, residual traces left by these bodies in the built environment for inspiration. Site specific installations immerse the viewer in a topology drawn equally from organic patterns found in the natural world and those created specifically with a design aesthetic in mind.

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Regina Agu's website

Melinda Laszczynski

Jessica Ninci

This End Up • Melinda Laszczynski & Jessica Ninci
Grace R. Cavnar Gallery

Featuring Melinda Laszczynski and Jessica Ninci, This End Up focuses on the orientation and arrangement of non-representational works within a specific space and the nuances of installation. Both artists possess a strong interest in materiality, the object-like qualities in painting and the seemingly banal. Laszczynski collects various discarded materials such as wood and glass that are manipulated through both negative and additive processes. The results are fragile or precarious assemblages that reference painting. Ninci’s work explores abstraction in painting and situates itself between formalism and a kind of casualness – in that the marks appear facile yet specific. In the display and installation of the works, thoughtfully mundane associations are made with the architectural space and between the works themselves.

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Melinda Laszczynski's website
Jessica Ninci's website

The Significance of "Material" • Beth Secor
Project Space

The first word Beth Secor remembers her mother teaching her is “material”. Secor explains, “I was probably around two and a half; my older sisters were in school, and the two of us were spending the morning as we usually did, in her room as she sewed. My mother is now 84 years old, has Alzheimer's, and doesn't remember what the word material means.” Secor’s installation in the Project Space is in honor of her mother, using her mother’s sewing patterns, sewing machines, thread and fabric designs as an inspiration for the installation. The installation itself combines these materials, as well as painted elements and text.

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Beth Secor's website

Extended through January 11, 2014

Image courtesy of Herbert Melichar

3rd Floor Stairwell & Window

The extended edition of Lina Dib's site-specific sound installation includes the 3rd floor stairwell and window. Dib fills these generally unnoticed spaces with sounds that range from the microscopic to the monumental. The stairs are outfitted with motion sensors, and the windows with piezo sensors that, like stethoscopes, pick up vibrations from both inside and outside of the building. As one climbs or descends the stairs - or taps on the windows - they encounter different sonic spaces that come together to create weather patterns and unexpected narratives. The sounds bundle us with them. They require and even create our presence, such that we are not in front of something, but within it. By situating the viewer within the piece, MURMURATIONS makes space itself pliable - creating a kind of soft architecture using dynamic sonic fields unique to each visitor.

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Also on view
through January 2014

Skywriting • Daniel Anguilu & Aaron Parazette
North Exterior Wall

Skywriting is a collaboration between artists Daniel Anguilu and Aaron Parazette. This project is the third phase of the rotating mural at Lawndale Art Center. Both painters employ forms of abstract patterns in their work, though their individual approach differs greatly. Anguilu’s intuitive approach to painting outdoor spaces results in gestural forms that take shape on the wall, while the clean lines and mathematical forms of Parazette’s work result from a more calculated approach to painting.

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This project is generously sponsored by Kinzelman Art Consulting, Judy & Scott Nyquist, Deborah Perl, Mellow Mushroom and Power Electrical.

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