The Big Show 2014
July 11 - August 9, 2014

Opening Reception
Friday, July 11, 2014, 6:30-8:30 PM
Awards announced at 7 PM
A Fistful of Soul DJs
Complimentary beverages provided by Deep Eddy Vodka and Saint Arnold Brewing Company.
Moon Rooster, Yeti Sunshine, and Ladybird Food Truck will also be onsite.


The Big Show is Lawndale Art Center's annual open-call, juried exhibition. It has been an important venue through which emerging and under-represented Houston area artists gain exposure since the show's conception in 1984. The Big Show was formerly the East End Show, sponsored by the East End Progress Association, at Lawndale's original location.

Each year Lawndale Art Center invites a guest juror to select from work submitted by artists living within 100 miles of Houston. Artists are invited to bring up to three works of art, not previously shown in Houston, to Lawndale Art Center where the work is juried on-site for a chance to be included in the show and a shot at $3,000 in cash awards.

The Big Show 2014 award winners selected by guest juror, Erin Elder, Visual Arts Director, Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe were announced at the opening reception on July 11, 2014. Awards were given to:

Celan Bouillet
Peter Broz
Laura Pregeant

For this year's exhibition, a total of 115 works by 106 artists were selected by juror Erin Elder, Visual Arts Director, Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, for the exhibition from 981 works submitted by 382 artists. Artists selected for the exhibition include:

Maurice Abelman, Sarita Ackerman, Isela Aguirre, Mehek Ahmed, Homer Allen, Joel Anderson, Shara Appanaitis, Amanda Armistead, Logan Sebastian Beck, Mack Bishop III, Noreen Borys, Celan Bouillet, Elaine Bradford, Jeff Bradley, Margaret Braun, Kari Breitigam, Betty-Ann Brose, Peter Broz, Vernon Caldera, Lindy Chambers, Yvette Chapman, JooYoung Choi, K.C. Collins, Isabel Cuenca, Claire Cusack, Sandra de la Rosa, Kelley Devine, Luisa Duarte, Amber Eggleton, Sandy Ewen, Xenia Fedorchenko, Laura Feld, Vincent Fink, Jed Foronda, Jenn Fox, Diane Fraser, Leticia Garcia, Bryan Gardner, Helena Gijsbers van Wijk, Marsha Glickman, Eva Graf, Carrie Green Markello, The Center for Imaginative Cartography + Research, J.G. Harkins, Linda Harmes, Eric Hartley, J. Hassinger, Luis Hernandez, Keith J.R. Hollingsworth, Michael Horvath, Jordan Hughes, Jeff Jennings, Michael Sean Kirby, Jason Kishell, Alexander Larsen, Riah Lee, Tae Lee, Lulu Lin, Annie Lockhart, David McClain, Palmer Mena, Adrienne Elyse Meyers, Paige Moore, L.A. Naut, Kia Neill, Clark Nunn, Eric Ockrassa, Lee Alice (Hillman) Pablo, Eric Pearce, Kristy Peet, Robert Peña, Jr., Page Piland, Laura Pregeant, Tara Ratliff, Patrick Renner, Leslie Roades, Lillian Roberds, Caroline Roberts, Natalie Rodgers, Penelope Ross, Nana Sampong, Charlie Jean Sartwelle, Nataliya Scheib, Mireille Schellhorn, Caroline Sharpless, Torie Shelton, John Slaby, Taylor Smith, Megan Spacek, Lou Sprecher, Adair Stephens, Todd Stevens, Gerald W. Syler, Kamilia Szczesna, Dwight Theall, Michael Toskovich, Sandy Tramel, Nohelia Vargas, Justin Varner, Amed Ruben Verástegui, Christopher Wallace, Elise Weber, Elizabeth Welch, Dave Wilson, Amy Beth Wright, Justin Zachary

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Erin Elder, Visual Arts Director
Center for Contemporary Arts
Santa Fe, NM

Erin Elder is the Visual Art Director of Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe. Prior to taking this post in 2012, she worked as an independent curator, writer, and teacher for over twelve years, cultivating interests in experimental collaboration, sense of place, and expanded notions of culture. Her research has focused on counter-cultural education and art practices, with particular interest in those activities happening in the 1960s American Southwest. Her writing has been published by University of Minnesota Press, University of Houston Press, Proximity Magazine, and more. She has produced projects with a variety of institutions including Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Creative Time, the Center for Land Use Interpretation, International Symposium on Electronic Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. She is a visiting lecturer at numerous schools and universities and has served as juror or reviewer for many international forums. Since 2009, she has cooperatively run PLAND, an off-the-grid residency program near Tres Piedras, NM. Erin holds dual self-designed BAs from Prescott College, and an MA in Curatorial Practice from California College of the Arts. She has been to Houston twice before and was very, very impressed. 

The Big Slide Show

Wednesday & Thursday, July 30 & July 31, 2014
6 PM

Join Lawndale and Houston's talented Big Show artists for short, informal presentations about their work.  Presentations start at 6 PM each night at Lawndale Art Center. Come early as seating is limited.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Isela Aguirre
Joel Anderson
Celan Bouillet
Peter Broz
Vernon Caldera
Isabel Cuenca
Sandra de la Rosa
Jed Foronda
Keith Hollingsworth
Lulu Lin
Annie Lockhart
Carrie Markello
Kia Neill
Leslie Roades
Caroline Roberts
Penelope Ross
John Slaby
Megan Spacek
Adair Stephens
Todd Stevens
Dwight Theall
Nohelia Vargas

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mack L. Bishop III
Lindy Chambers
Yvette Chapman
JooYoung Choi
Vincent Fink
Diane Fraser
Eva Graf
J.G. Harkins
Tae Lee
David McClain
Palmer Mena
Adrienne Elyse Meyers
Kristy Peet
Laura Pregeant
Patrick Renner
Mireille Schellhorn
Sandy Tramel
Justin Varner
Amed Verastegui
Christopher Wallace
Dave Wilson Beth Wright


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