The Big Show
July 9–August 7, 2010

On View Jan 7 to Feb 24

Opening Reception

Friday, July 9, 2010
6:30-8:30 PM


The Big Show is Lawndale Art Center’s annual open-call, juried exhibition. It has been an important venue through which emerging and under-represented Houston area artists gain exposure since the show’s conception in 1984. The Big Show was formerly the East End Show, sponsored by the East End Progress Association, at Lawndale’s original location.

The Big Show 2010 award winners selected by guest juror, Paul Middendorf, Co-Director galleryHOMELAND and EAST/WEST Project Berlin, were announced at the opening reception on July 9, 2010. $3000 in cash awards were divided among four artists chosen by the juror.

Two $1,000 cash awards were awarded to:
Joseph Cohen & Kelly Moore

Two $500 cash awards were awarded to:
Emily Peacock & Catherine Winkler Rayroud

This year Lawndale received 976 submissions by 396 artists. Guest Juror Paul Middendorf, Co-Director for galleryHOMELAND, Portland, Oregon, selected 114 works by 85 artists for this year’s exhibition. Exhibiting artists include:
Julie Brook Alexander, Andréa Ancira, David Ancira, Joshua Bíenko, Daniel Esquivel Brandt, Aisen Caro Chacin, Douglas Cason, Andrew Chapa, James Ciosek, Joseph Cohen, Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Claire Cusack, Anthony Day, Justin Dunford, K. Eisenbeiss, Tonaiuh Esquivel, Xenia Fedorchenko, Orna Feinstein, Loli Fernandez-A, Carmen Flores, Jed Foronda, Bryan Forrester, Jeff Forster, Hayden Fosdick, Amanda Fulk, Jesus Galvan, Bryan Gardner, Haden Garrett, James Glassman, Raul Gonzalez, Geneva Gordon, Jasmyne Graybill, Emily Grenader, Jeanette Joy Harris, John Paul Hartman, Juan Pablo Hartman, Joel Hernandez, Chuck Ivy, Sandra A. Jacobs, Yeoye Kantu, Stuart Kimbrell, Loreta Kovacic, Marilyn Faulk Lanser, Joan Laughlin, Melanie Loew, Mark Masterson, Travis McCarra, Donna M. Meeks, Tami Merrick, Matt Messinger, Edgar Meza, Kelly Moore, Tobiah Mundt, Jim Nolan, Bexar Olivier, Mari Omori, Ellen Orseck, Emily Peacock, Donna Perkins, Sara Peters, Valerie Powell, Tara Rene Ratliff, Catherine Winkler Rayroud, Sue Reeves, Cintia Rico, Tim Robtoy, Allan Rodewald, John Runnels, Magid Salmi, Emily Sloan, Susan Stanton, Frances Carter Stephens, Christine Stevens, Lisa Paula Patrick Stewart, Kamila Szczesna, John Tapper, Sandy Tramel, Myke Venable, Donna Villarreal, Amy Weiks, William Witte, Martin Wnuk, Dave Wood, Sway Youngston, Zepeda.


Paul Middendorf, Co-Director
galleryHOMELAND and EAST/WEST Project Berlin

Paul Middendorf is an artist/curator and is the founder/co-director of galleryHOMELAND in Portland. galleryHOMELAND is a nonprofit arts organization programming exhibitions, performances, and events locally, nationally, and internationally. Middendorf has been curating for the last 12 years and collaborating with organizations and institutions worldwide. He has curated, performed and exhibited in projects such as PS1 in New York, Scope/Miami, Scope/Hamptons, Art Basel/Switzerland, and the Istanbul Biennale. In September of 2009 Middendorf co-founded The EAST/WEST project, a nonprofit exhibition space and residency in Berlin, Germany.

Through The EAST/WEST Project, he has helped encourage cultural exchange by establishing short term project spaces for international artists to share, develop and progress contemporary ideas. He earned a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. Middendorf lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

The Big Slide Show

July 28 & 29, 2010
6 - 8 PM

The Big Slideshow
Please join Lawndale and Houston's talented Big Show artists for short, informal presentations about their work. Presentations start at 6 PM each night at Lawndale Art Center. Come early as seating is limited.

Thursday, July 29, 2010:
Thedra Cullar-Ledford
Orna Feinstein
Carmen Flores
Jeff Forster
Emily Grenader
Jeanette Joy Harris
Yeoye Kantu
Tami Merrick
Kelly Moore
Mari Omori
Ellen Orseck
Emily Peacock
Donna Perkins
Cintia Rico
Allan Rodewald
Magid Salmi
Susan Stanton
Frances Carter Stephens
John Tapper
Myke Venable
Amy Weiks

Wednesday, July 28, 2010:
Julie Brook Alexander
Douglas Cason
James Ciosek
Claire Cusack
Xenia Fedorchenko
Loli Fernández-A.
Bryan Forrester
Bryan Gardner
Haden Garrett
Raul Gonzalez
Stuart Kimbrell
Edgar Meza
Bexar Olivier
Catherine Winkler Rayroud
Emily Sloan
Christine Stevens
Lisa Paula Patrick Stewart
Sandy Tramel
Martin Wnuk
Dave Wood


as of July 4, 2010

Misty Barnett & Chris Trahan
Marcia & John Cooper
Julie Farr
Richard E. Fluhr
& Rudy Hernandez, Jr.
Rob Greenstein
G.G. Hsieh & Mark Hausknecht
Maria Cristina & Michael Jadick
Karen Lantz & Andrew Farkas
Victoria & Marshal Lightman
Betty Maccagnan, MB Simple
Pattii Montgomery & Brett Hanka
Mary Morrison
Russ Pitman
Jewell Ann Ragsdale
SBS Manufacturing
Joe & Anne Romano
Richard Stout
Bart J. Truxillo
Amanda & Robbie Valentine
Whitten & Proctor Fine Art Conservation
Clint Willour

Dallas Hill
Allan Rodewald
Kate McConnico

IN KIND GPS for your social life
Kate McConnico
Catering by Culinaire
Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Continental Airlines

Anita & David Garten
Diana Hudson & Lee Kaplan
Andrew C. Schirrmeister III

Peter H. Brown
Roy & Mary Cullen
Peter & Anne Brown
Janie & Dick DeGuerin
Jay Baker Architects
Looper Reed & McGraw, P.C.
Isabel B. & Wallace S. Wilson

Art Supply
Jereann Chaney
Wayne & Beverly Gilbert
Kerry F. Inman;
Gundi McCandless
H. Irving Schweppe, Jr. M.D.
Jo Zider

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